[Video] [EXCLUSIVE] Naver V – BTS 30/07/15

[INFO] « V App » est désormais disponible pour les fans sur Android !

L’objectif de Naver à travers cette application ? Permettre aux fans de voir leurs K-Stars préférées en direct depuis leurs différents appareils.

Les BTS font partie des premiers artistes à être mis à l’honneur dans les premières diffusions de l’application V ; celles-ci sont prévues pour le début du mois d’août. Dès à présent, en téléchargeant l’application, vous pourrez noter les dates à laquelle chaque vidéo des garçons sortira.

Lien de téléchargement pour les Android :https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.naver.vapp

À noter que l’application sera sûrement disponible sur l’Apple Store dans les prochains jours à venir. Nous vous tiendrons au courant !

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[EXCLUSIVE] BTS 2015 Live Trilogy Episode II: TRB in L.A.! 26/07/15

As BTS finished up the last leg of their U.S. concert tour, « Episode II: The Red Bullet », the boys didn’t fail to disappoint the mass of ARMYs that came to support them! The boys brought out all the stops, from their knife-like dance moves, to beautiful performance outfits (one word: military uniforms *can’t breathe*), and of course, their impressive English skills!

Having debuted in 2013, BTS has gained considerable recognition over the last two years for their impeccable dance routines, their catchy hip-hop sound, and not to mention, their eye-candy looks!The final destination for BTS’s TRB tour took place in Los Angeles, California, atClub Nokia, a cozy and intimate environment where fans could get a closer look at their favorite artist. The sold-out show had a diverse variety of fans waiting outside the venue’s doors for hours, with the line wrapping around the vicinity of the theater. Even inside of Club Nokia, fans were packed together like a can of sardines, all anxiously awaiting the boys’ appearance on stage, with the audience making a collective effort to chant « BTS, BTS! » and screaming at times when they thought that the show was FINALLY starting!

What particularly stood out to me this concert was the variety of people that gathered together to support the boy group. Thanks to BTS’s signature hip-hop sound that resonates with, not just Koreans, but music-lovers of all colors, they’ve made a name for themselves in the U.S. amongst a diverse community of followers. Their bright personalities and hard-working nature has struck the right chord with many American fans, hence the successful shows they’ve held across their U.S. tour. Looking at the endless line of fans waiting for the show to start, my heart was warm with pride to see that the majority of the concert-goers were actually non-Koreans! As much as Korean fans are appreciated, BTS’s popularity was truly proven by the diverse and colorful mass of followers they’ve accrued overseas through their music.

Seeing the success with their previous TRB stops in New York, Dallas, and Chicago, it was obvious that Los Angeles would be no different. L.A. is home to music lovers of all backgrounds and is a city that represents a melting pot of sorts. BTS took over L.A. this time with « The Red Bullet » tour and has definitely left their mark on the City of Angels.

If you missed out on the concert, don’t worry – Koogle TV’s got your back! Check out our exclusive coverage of BTS’s stop in L.A., featuring a highlight medley of their opening performances!

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