[News/Trans] W Korea – The Future’s Choice (Rap Monster’s section) 18/08/15

If I speak honestly, Rap Monster wasn’t my style. Men who are as thin as aliens with long arms and legs? I’ve never been interested even once since I was born. It’s suitable to put them in the category not of Earth, but of Mars. At first, I had a little interest in BTS with their hip hop idol concept, but when they sang ‘women are the best gift, my only wish is you,’ I alone said goodbye. They weren’t lyrics that a woman in her 30s, with a sound (un-cringing) body, could listen to. So I already knew how dirty and annoying the world could be. The day that changed my opinion was March 20th. On March 20th, Rap Monster released his mixtape. When I listened to Rap Monster’s ‘Do You,’ I was shocked. He, who rapped without pause as if he was pursuing time itself to the sound of the metronome, while matching the speed between the beats and the lyrics, suddenly relaxedly told his own story. After spitting out words and sentences that followed the beat, he swallowed a breath. To me who believed that hip hop was a ‘supervised rhythm,’ his flow was sexiness itself. It seemed like after running like crazy, he suddenly stopped and stood still and said this. “Hey, do you wanna listen to me for a second?” I unconsciously found myself nodding. In the lyrics, there were still some childlike aspects, but thanks to the mentality of a pioneer with the good sense to choose a track that matched well with him, not those dull love songs but his own confidence of his ability to rap mixed with his fear, and to not shoot a planned music video that would make one cry from being so sick of it, I could listen closely to the mixtape. Thanks to this, I could also close my eyes and let my least favorite phrase in the world pass by, “fashion becomes passion, if you write them in Korean they’re the same, 패션.”
In this mixtape, [Rap Monster] shows not only the influence he received from Nas and Eminem, but also his desire to receive recognition in hip-hop as an idol. Although he says ‘they all said I became an idiot after entering a company,’ he also says ‘whether I’m an idol or an artist has never been important, you give me your attention, that was all me, clinging to a title and hanging from a modifier.’ The other songs similarly show the mistake of imitating others, as well as the complex attention of others toward him. He quit pretending to be cool and talked honestly about his own errors mixed with his passions, but in doing so, he became cool. People who tell their own stories are worthy of being admired by anyone. [Rap Monster] also said this in interviews with the media. “My music is myself. The thing that can show own internal darkness, worries, appetites, memories, etc., as they are, is my music.” Support regarding Rap Monster started with the thought that ‘the thing that spoils the talent of a person who has talent is that if you see the whole world at once, it’s a minus,’ but it continues as a given value with regards to youth.

[Rap Monster] released this mixtape in order to extend his own time and efforts towards defining his own existence within the boundary of the idol industry. Born in 1994, he’s nearly 22 years old. How many people are there in their early twenties who tried to change or shake the world in which they live? So this is the lazy regret toward our younger days, the complicated support full of jealousy mixed with attention toward the younger generations who are making the world’s center new. [Rap Monster] is showing the worries that pluck at the heads of young people as idol vs. rapper, through his own complicated layers as an entertainer instead. Because of the possibilities of this generation as a whole, I splay both hands and feet and support [him]. Even if he did write ‘get well soon’ incorrectly.*

* = the correct spelling is 빨리 나아요, but Rap Monster wrote it as 낳아요.

Credits : W Korea 

Trans : @BTS0222

Shared by : BTSDreams



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