[Blog/Trans] (Jin’s cooking diary) SMOKED UGLY DUCKLING 06/09/15

We’re going with a smoked duck we ate in the dorms that we don’t even know when was made and some seasoned chives

A duck is smoked.
It’s a food that’s cheap and will be finished just by heating it up

This is the old kitchen we can’t see anymore since we moved
Get out of my sight

Sand eel fish sauce I really received from the owner of the restaurant in front of my house

Galaxy s4 that disappeared after a half-body bath in water… Now that I’ve used the ice cream phone, tonight I begin to miss you. Come back galaxy

?? Why am I laughing?
It’s been so long since the picture was taken that I don’t remember

Doing this and that, it’s plausible for you to make marinated chives

Look at my arm muscles, girls will probably fall for me

?????????????? Jimin took some really detailed pictures for me

An alpaca eating grass

An alpaca acting handsome while eating grass 2

The chives are done after mixing them with your hands

Why are you smiling? I’m in a bad mood now
You’ve been following along well until now, right? It’s super easy
There’s not even anything to follow, but…

As expected, cooking is smoked food

Why…? This seems like it was some months ago what’s the reason my body look so much better?
I’m even handsome too

My mom always told me when I was young, “you’re handsome, you’re handsome”
It really seems like my mom wasn’t wrong once. Mom’s words are the truth.

It’s nice that my face is handsome but the omelette as expected is a cheese omelette.
Don’t be stingy with your cheese. Splash splash let’s just throw some cheese, so Rapmon won’t know let’s throw cheese

Ah, so this is why the kids lean on me and sleep

The first dish my dad made for me was an omelette.
When I was in elementary school I probably made it for my dad as a drinking snack.
I have a memory of how proud he was and how he gave me an allowance of 10,000 won (~$10)
That’s probably why I have memories of just making omelettes over and over
I wonder if it was since then… that my father stopped eating omelettes…

I don’t know what this is but I think it was a concept of cooking with both hands. Now that a few months have past I do wonder why I did that…

he biggest bowl is some kind of pot/jar… I’m in the middle of decorating so it looks nice

You said the bowl looks like it’s slanting?
You just saw it
This picture is just before it flipped over
Yes. It slanted and fell right over
That’s probably why I remember lost my affection and didn’t post it
The picture suddenly reminds me of the children’s book “The Ugly Duckling”

I want to say this is visually appealing because it’s made by the handsome Kim Seokjin, but to be honest it’s just okay
It doesn’t really pull at your appetite

Bald super mario

Cooking is smoked food
Dip it in some mustard sauce and eat it
Seasoned chives are delicious but they’re more bothersome than I thought

The time when I didn’t know I’d be posting Eat Jin…
Kim Seokjin working very hard eating to show in the picture how good it was

Who is the owner of that hand?
The people who guess it right are our true armies
Tonight we’re all eating smoked duck for dinner

It looks like lasers are coming from my eyes…

It’s been a few months since I wrote a post.. It’s hard
It was really fun but it’s a shame I don’t remember the situation well (sobs)
Anyway me from a few months ago was really good-looking
I think I did a diet for a few months but my body looks so much better than now… My face was handsome too and it’s been a while since I looked in the mirror and lost confidence.
But you are me. So don’t disregard NONO

Handsome Kim Seokjin, the end

Credits :


Trans cr; Julie @ bts-trans

Shared by : BTSDreams


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